How Not To Break Your Body With Yoga

Sati Yoga, Rimini. The sign written in Italian means “Yoga is silence”.

I love Yoga. I start my days with sun salutations and simple vinyasa flows. Doing yoga is one of the first three things I do each and every morning.

I’ve been practicing yoga for several years now. A couple of years ago I was so addicted to yoga that I was practicing up to two hours a day. To deepen my knowledge in this eastern therapy I decided to do a Yoga Teacher training course certified by Yoga Alliance. I obtained my yoga teaching certificate in 2017 in Italy.

Yoga has a lot of benefits for the mind and the body. And you can find a lot of research proving yoga’s benefits. After practicing yoga regularly year after year, I’m not so sure if it has a lot of benefits for flexibility though. I can honestly say that I have not improved my flexibility at all. I cannot do splits. I cannot even sit down cross-legged without feeling pain in my knees. I cannot do the scorpio or tortoise pose. Or any other strange poses that you can see on social media:)

The point is, if your goal with yoga is to become a circe d’soleil member, please think again. Flexibility is a strange thing. Some people are very flexible, some are not. Most people you see on social media doing amazing yoga poses have backgrounds in gymnastics or dance. Whatever you do, please do not push your body too much. Because if the not so flexible people push it too much with yoga, injuries happen. Especially be careful with your knees. You need your knees for life.

Please listen to your body and don’t force it. Flexibility is not the only benefit yoga is supposed to provide. Doing yoga is good for the lymphatic system, it is good for your mobility and it is good for strengthening your muscles. Give it a try, if you haven’t already. You may love it. Namaste!

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