What Does “Be a Goldfish” Mean?

“Be a goldfish and live the moment”

“Be a Goldfish” is a line from the TV Series, Ted Lasso. I’m not sure if it’s a commonly used phrase, I heard the phrase for the first time in my life:) I strongly recommend you to add Ted Lasso to your watch list. It’s full of ideas that will help you treat others as well as yourself better, and feel good. It will make you laugh a lot as well.

According to Ted Lasso, the happiest animal in the world is a goldfish because its memory is only three seconds or something. How can having such a short term memory help a fish be the happiest? Well, if you think about it, the fish will not remember bad events three seconds after the event happens, therefore the fish will remain happy. I guess for this idea to be valid, the default state of the fish should be “happy” because I can’t see how the fish will be able to remember the good events after three seconds either:)

I did a little bit of research regarding whether a goldfish really has such a short term memory. I was not able to find any evidence supporting this idea. Probably I did not spend too much time on it, to be honest:) Because the advice that Ted Lasso is trying to give here is rather simple. It’s better not to dwell too much on things that happened in the past. I may like being a goldfish:)

Please don’t get stuck on bad events and don’t let bad events drag you down. Like Elvis Presley said back in the day “When things go wrong, don’t go with them”. Accept what has happened, learn if there is a lesson to be learned, plan, and move forward.

All is well 🙂

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