What Can You Do To Prevent Food Waste?

Say “no” to food waste for a sustainable world

This one is an important topic, for all the seven billion people living on this planet. Each one of us is equally responsible for making the world a sustainable place.

I consider myself very good at maintaining minimal food waste. For the past few years, there have only been a handful of times when I had to throw away food because I missed its expiry date etc. I have not always been so good at it though, I wish I knew better earlier. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can share with your social circle to prevent wasting food:

  1. Don’t do food shopping on an empty stomach: I bet you already know about this, but I wanted to put it out there anyway.
  2. Shop smaller quantities: I always avoid taking a big trolley when I enter the supermarket. I just use the small shopping baskets and limit myself to the items I can fit into it. It also warns me if I buy too much by weighing on my arms:)
  3. Try to visit the supermarket as little as possible: I like wandering around huge supermarkets to see what’s new. But if you think about it, this habit can easily become time and money consuming considering we are being bombarded with “buy this, buy that” wherever we go. I try to limit my visits to the supermarket once a week.
  4. Make expiry dates more noticeable: When you are placing the groceries into the fridge, try to place them in a way to see their expiry dates first. Give priority to the items that are close to their expiry dates.
  5. Use HelloFresh: I’ve discovered about this company only a few days ago. It’s a Berlin-based company and I’m not sure whether it’s widespread around the world but it’s a fantastic idea! Let’s say you’d like to cook Pad Thai for three people. Apparently, you can go to this website and shop only the exact quantity of raw materials you need to be able to cook the dish. They also send you easy to understand how to recipe cards. That way you can enjoy cooking without worrying about food waste because, in theory, you cannot waste any food with HelloFresh!

Do you think you can implement any of the above ideas going forward? What strategies do you use to fight food waste?

Dear Reader, did you find this article useful? if yes, I’d really appreciate it if you could share the link/article with your network. Thank you:)

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