What Advice Would You Give in the Last 60 Seconds of Your Life?

Time is precious

Unfortunately, I cannot remember whether I read the above question somewhere or heard it over a podcast…And I really like giving references to all the ideas I talk about. So please, if you ever come across the source of this question, please let me know.

Anyway, I was either reading or listening to a podcast, and at one point, either the writer or the person doing the podcast starting saying “Imagine you are at your deathbed, and you have your grandchild sitting next to you. You have only one minute left to live. What advice would you give to your grandchild?” And you have exactly one minute to answer. Please stop for sixty seconds and write down your answer.

Now that I wrote the above paragraph, I’m very convinced that I read this somewhere, it was not a podcast:) Anyways… My answer to this question was “Just enjoy your life, do not worry about anything.” Apparently, how we answer this question is the exact advice we need to hear for ourselves!!! In a way, there is no grandchild…There’s just you!!!

Wise words….

One day I tried this as a mini activity in the office. Everyone enjoyed giving advice. Because that’s what we humans like doing…We love advising others. You know how the story goes:))) I’m guilty of giving advice to others too:)

Please let me know what your advice to yourself was. And give it a try with your loved ones:)

Dear Reader, did you find this article useful? if yes, I’d really appreciate it if you could share the link/article with your network. Thank you:)

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