Ideas for Reducing Sweet Snack Consumption

Everyone has their weaknesses when it comes to snacks…I know I have…Especially for those sweet, milk chocolate covered ones…My friends from my high school dormitory still remember me as the girl who ate an entire chocolate bar as soon as she woke up:) Yeah, I’ve been a kind of a cookie monster back in the day…And I think I still am, to be honest:)

Chocolate and I have a very special bond! 🙂

I’ve given up on the idea of totally eliminating sweets. I know refined sugar is bad for us. I’ve tried many times to get rid of the refined sugar from my diet and I always failed. It’s alright, no one is perfect, neither am I. I made peace with my imperfections. However, over the years I’ve developed a few techniques that helped me limit my unhealthy snack consumption. Below are my observations and the solutions I came up with:

  1. I tend to eat snacks when I am bored. Yeap, simple as that. When I’ve got nothing to do, I run to chocolate. One thing that helped me curb my boredom has been following my to-do lists. I write down my to-do’s in my journal every morning and I check it regularly to see my progress. When I’m busy doing things, I mean when my hands are full, I eat fewer sweets.
  2. I place the snack source on spots far away from me. If I am working in the living room, I place the chocolate box in another room upstairs. I am not sure whether it’s science or fiction but I try to put a good amount of distance between myself and the vibrations that chocolate spreads:) I even cover the chocolate box with a cloth or sth. So when I feel like I want to eat something, I know that I have to get up from my comfortable seat, climb up the stairs and find the chocolate. Laziness is a great tool for curbing appetite.
  3. I ask my significant other to hide the source. That’s what I sometimes do. Especially if there are real Belgian chocolates involved. I ask my love to hide the box somewhere I cannot find.
  4. I don’t buy them in the first place. Easier said than done; this option rarely happens:) Going grocery shopping on a full stomach is the best idea. I tend to buy less unhealthy snacks when I’m shopping on a full stomach. Things get different if I’m hungry:)

What tricks do you use to reduce your unhealthy snack consumption? Please share below!

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