A Tribute to Freddie Mercury

Rest in peace Freddie… you will always be missed

I’ve never been the kind of person obsessed with music. My open-minded sister always tried to introduce me to new music and music bands, and I resisted each time:) I still am the same way, pretty much. But, there is one thing I know about music, and that is Freddie Mercury is the greatest of all times! And unfortunately, today marks the 29th year of his death…

I don’t think I ever listened to a singer with such energy in his voice. And his music is so universal, evergreen that I can still dance to his music with the same energy I used to dance to fifteen years ago. Now, that’s what I call magic! And I feel really fortunate to be able to listen to all those beautiful songs he left behind.

Rest in peace Freddie. And thank you for your voice, your energy, your enthusiasm, your creativity, and your songs. You will always be remembered.

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