How “The Doorway Drill” May Help You Improve Your Posture

Get into the habit of improving your posture!

We all want to leave great first impressions on people we meet for the first time. I know I want to leave a great impression because I’ve read in many places that it requires a lot of hard work to change those first impressions later on. So, better get it right the first time, I guess:)

Confident people are very good at leaving great first impressions even before they open their mouths. Probably because they are confident:))) But what makes us think they are confident in the first place? I guess the answer to this question is — for the majority of the time — they have great posture. They are also good at making eye contact and having the perfect smile and handshake….. But, for the sake of explaining The Doorway Drill, let’s stick with the posture in this article:)

Posture is important. We like people who walk around tall with their heads high. And we can become one of those people by improving our posture. To be able to do that, we will need practice though.

Exercising is very important for building lean muscle and maintaining good posture; especially in the shoulders. But if you are someone like me, who out of habit tends to slouch whenever she can, you may need an anchor to remind you to correct your posture throughout the day. That’s where the Doorway Drill may come to the rescue.

I’ve heard about this technique in one of John Ullmen’s online classes. He gave reference to a person named Jordan Harbinger; I think he is the mastermind behind The Doorway Drill. The drill is easy: every time you walk through a doorway, remind yourself to correct your posture. You enter the doorway like Clark Kent, and exit the doorway confident like Superman with your chin up and relaxed shoulders. Well, kind of:) We are lucky because our flats and houses are full of doorways, which gives us many opportunities to practice. Also, Harbinger suggests you start with putting post-it notes on the eye level onto the doorway for getting used to the habit in the first place.

I’ve started this habit right away because I’ve had bad posture all my life. It’s going well so far. Please give it a try and let me know if it works for you:)

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