Sunday Reading Ideas: Captivate

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It’s time for another book review on improving communication skills; Captivate: The Science of Succeeding With Peopleby Vanessa Van Edwards. The author is also the founder of the company Science of People.

The author gives incredible suggestions about how to make great first impressions. I consider myself an introvert, and I have always admired extroverts who are very comfortable with their communication skills in social circles. I always wanted to know how they always manage to captivate their audiences and own every room they are in. For a long time, I believed that theirs was a skill they were born with. While that may be true, over the years, I’ve come to realize that I can learn to be captivating in social events if I work on my skills. And I can say reading Captivate helped me improve my skills a great deal. Maybe I still do not own every room I’m in, but I feel pretty confident walking into new environments and socializing with people.

Back to Captivate, the book contains tests you can apply to yourself to understand where you stand with your communication skills and which areas you can improve. I especially liked the first section where the author tells you where you need to stand in a room where the social event is being held as well as which spots to avoid. Captivate is an excellent book filled with useful insights. Please give it a try when you have time. You will feel more confident in your next social event; hopefully right after the pandemic:)

My precious copy of Captivate

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