Things You Can See Only When You Change Your Perspective

It was a warm and sunny day in Cambridge. I’m pretty positive it was back in 2019. After having a long walk in the city and visiting the botanical garden, we decided to relax on the big green space right in front of the hotel we were staying at. I stretched out on the grass, put my hands behind my head, and decided to take a final look at the sky before drifting into a power nap. I lost sleep because I saw the below scene in the sky:))) I was lucky I had my camera with me:)

Cambridge, UK, 2019

A plane did this shape in the sky and flew away as soon as it finished the drawing:) I still have no idea what the above figure means. I mean, the meaning all depends on what “t” means:) The heart is obvious:) Maybe time = love? Or, given that it took place in Cambridge –the city of intellectuals — it may have a deeper even a scientific meaning:) Anyways this small incident made me realize I may see more of such similar beautiful scenes if I pay attention to changing my perspective more often. For instance, I can definitely stop using my cell phone when I am walking, for starters:)

A building in Bristol, UK

Also, this experience reminded me to carry my camera with me wherever I go. Art is all around us, waiting to be discovered:)

Here are a few more of my amateur shots:)

Bristol, UK, 2019
Belgium, 2019
Ghent, Belgium, 2019
Ghent, Belgium, 2019
Barcelona, Spain
Wales, UK, 2019

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