Want to Get Rid of Wrinkles? This Simple Trick May Prevent Them :)

Contrary to common belief, smiling does not cause wrinkles!

Wrinkles do not necessarily signal old age. I mean having wrinkles mean your skin has aged; I’m not against that. But it’s very normal for two people of the same age to have different amounts of wrinkles, so the wrinkles are not necessarily an indication of how old a person is. I hope that makes sense:)

I have my share of wrinkles now that I’m only in the second half of my thirties. I consider myself lucky though because my mother always had amazing skin. And I think I inherited her genes. I have smooth skin as well; plus I have my wrinkles:) But I keep thinking that, if I had realized how important practicing a simple trick every day before I hit my thirties, I believe I could have preserved my younger skin for a lot longer. The person who woke me up to the trick was one of my dearest friends, Ayako. Ayako is older than I am and she has way fewer wrinkles than I do. I believe it’s because she applied this trick longer than I did. And she leads a very healthy lifestyle as well. I wish I had met Ayako earlier:)

The gift Ayako gave me was the good old sun protection cream, which had to be applied religiously every morning. Until then, I had always thought that sun protection creams were to be used only in the summer (ignorant me!); when you lie on the beach. I don’t know why I never thought about it before but apparently, the sun rises every day:) And although the sun rays are not as strong in winter as they are in summer, there are still UV rays circulating every day. And it’s those UV rays that cause skin aging. So unless you stay at home with all the windows shut 365 days a year, you actually need to apply a UV protection cream every day! Simple as that!

So, that’s what I’ve been doing since I turned thirty. I put on my anti-UV sun cream every day. I think time will tell if it works. If I continue this blog well into my fifties, I will let you know of the results:)

Please let me know the tips and tricks you use to age well. I look forward to hearing from you:)

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