Gift Ideas: Acupressure Mat

Are you still looking for creative Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones? I may have an idea for you:)

I have the most amazing sister in the world. She is a strong woman. And she is an excellent mother of three brilliant kids. And she dedicates the remaining of her time to improving the wellbeing of others via courses she offers. She is also damn good at sending me the most creative gifts on my birthdays:) I am so lucky she is my sister.

Last year my sister sent me a gift, which I did not know even existed. An acupressure mat!

I adore the bag too!

I remember back in high school that our biology teacher had brought in a wooden nail bed to the class and asked for a volunteer to lie on top of it (imagine the things students do in the name of science:))). And someone from the class actually volunteered! Once my friend laid down, our teacher placed another wooden nail bed on top of him. The topic of the class subject was “pressure”. That was a very clever way of demonstrating the effect of equally distributed pressure on surfaces:)

The shakti acupressure mat you see in photos has small plastic needle-like structures. All you need to do is lie on your back on the mat! It is soooooo relaxing. My mat also came with a very nice bag. I don’t know whether my sister paid extra for it or it was included with the mat. Anyways below are the ways I use this amazing mat:

My usual setup for a relaxing acupressure session: Shakti mat, a pillow under my head and a bolster under my knees.
  1. Lying on my back: The size of the acupressure mat fits perfectly to your upper body. I place a yoga pillow under my head and a bolster under my knees. That’s the most comfortable I feel on my back. It may be different for your body. I can lie down like this for about twenty minutes. I usually do this in the evening after work or a bit before going to bed. Very relaxing.
  2. Placing the mat underneath my legs: Again, the size of the acupressure mat easily allows you to place it underneath your hamstrings. I don’t have serious cellulite problems but I’m just hoping that the needle-like structures will help with better circulation and prevent new cellulite formation. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. Stepping on the mat with bare feet in the morning: OK, this is the toughest option. My feet are very sensitive. The longest I can stand barefoot on the acupressure mat is ten seconds. And those ten seconds are usually the longest ten seconds of my life:))) It wakes me up in the mornings though:) A natural energy boost right underneath your feet!!!

I’ve read some people also use the acupressure mat on their bellies, on their necks etc. I have not tried the belly or the neck region yet. I’m pretty happy with the three uses I’ve mentioned above.

Well, if you are considering this as a gift for someone, you can buy it online on Shakti Mat UK website.

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