A Simple Trick To Boost Your Metabolism Right Away

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, a dietician, or a weight loss expert. (I am just an individual who is careful about her diet, does yoga every day, and exercises at least three times a week.) Nevertheless, I would still like to give you simple advice on how to maintain an efficient metabolic rate. I should add that I use this trick every day; otherwise, I wouldn’t be suggesting it:) It’s very easy to do and only requires minimum effort from your side: Stand up and move every 30 minutes!

Research keeps telling us that sitting down continuously for long periods may as well be as harmful as smoking. Our bodies are not designed to sit still for hours and hours (no matter how comfortable a seated position is). It is suggested to get up and move frequently, especially if your job is desk-based. And one of the most important reasons you should stand up and move is because your metabolism may start to slow down after just thirty minutes of sitting.

So, there you have it. It basically will not cost you anything to leave your chair every thirty minutes. Please please do this small favor to your body every day every thirty minutes. Getting up from your chair frequently may not take ten kgs off of you in a day, but it can definitely help maintain your metabolic rate. It is also good for maintaining good circulation throughout the body as well. And in case you were wondering what a cactus has to do with all this. Well, next time you feel lazy to get up and move, imagine the spikes of a cactus on your bottom; this should encourage you to leave your seat!

Just do it! 🙂 Your body will thank you.

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