Your Wellbeing: Worth Reading Happiness Research Institute’s Report, “Wellbeing in the Age of Covid-19”

I’ve learned about the Happiness Research Institute when I read one of the books written by its founder, Meik Wiking. Meik Wiking is the author of several books. I think he’s internationally known for his book Hygge, where he talks about the Danish way of living a happy life. I’m still reading Hygge; I have not finished it. But I’ve read The Art of Making Memories written by the same author, and I would strongly recommend you to read it. Memories are what we are made of, and the book has several suggestions on how you can make more meaningful memories throughout your life.

The Happiness Research Institute recently published a study named Wellbeing in the Age of Covid-19. When you have time, please have a read through. The article contains a few suggestions about what you can do The article contains a few suggestions about what you can do for your well-being moving forward.

This pandemic has affected everyone. People lost loved ones and their jobs. I am one of those people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. I was working in Sales and Events, and we all witnessed what happened to the events industry… Nevertheless, I think we can be a little bit optimistic about the research regarding an efficient vaccine and a return to normal life soon. Scientists worked night and day and managed to develop a potential vaccine that is around 90% effective. I feel blessed all my loved ones and friends are healthy so far. And I am keeping my fingers crossed for the wellbeing of everyone.

I think we all need to resist a little bit more. A lot of people, especially doctors, nurses, and scientists are doing their very best to help humanity. This shall pass too.


Please stay safe and take care of yourself. Please reach out to health professionals for help if you need to. Mental health matters.

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