What’s Your Favorite Gemstone?

Citrus and Quartz

I am in loooove with gemstones. The Internet is full of information regarding each and every one of these pretty stones. Honestly, I’m not sure if these beautiful stones really have any effect on health or prosperity. I do not have any solid or scientific proof to say that they do. I simply like these stones because of their aesthetics. And in this article, I will introduce you to my personal collection:)

In the first photo, you can see quartz and citrus. I bought quartz because I read somewhere that it protects against radiation emitted by computers etc. (I also heard mini cactus plants have the same function too:)) So I keep that one close to my laptop. Citrus is believed to bring prosperity. As you may know, I’m kind of into lunar rituals. The waxing moon period is believed to have recharging effects on mineral stones. Every evening starting from the new moon until the full moon, I place my big citrus stone on top of a banknote by the window sill. And I keep that special banknote in my purse; I don’t spend it. Again, I am not a billionaire yet but I’m hoping citrus and the moon are helping me keep my money in my purse:)

Still in love with my aquamarine collection:)

Back in the day, I was obsessed with Aquamarine. It is a very beautiful stone. And apparently, it is the mineral stone of my zodiac sign. I read somewhere that it’s used to protect sailors back in the day; it’s also called the moonstone. It’s supposed to help with thyroid problems as well; provided that the stone touches your skin. Again, I do not have any scientific proof to back it up. Please keep on taking your thyroid medication and listening to your doctor.

My lovely bracelets of amethyst, quartz and red coral.

Amethyst is the most widely known stone. It’s supposed to make you sleep better. You usually see these huge – out of this earth – stones in the shops. Seriously, they look like they arrived from outer space. I don’t have a huge amethyst by my bed. I only have a small bracelet. I cannot express any opinion about whether it puts you to sleep or not. Please give it a try and let me know:)

Pink quartz for looking young:)

Pink quartz is always a pretty choice. Some suggest that it is good for the skin and it makes you look younger. When I think about it, I have a lot of photos where I look really good with these earrings on:)

What’s your favorite mineral stone? I look forward to hearing from you!

Tourmaline on the left, Lapis Lazuli on the right:)

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