Friday Dreaming: If You Had To Live In Another Country For A Year, Where Would That Be?

Never stop dreaming!

Aaaanddd it’s finally Friday! We’ve made it through another week. Now let’s give some space to our imagination, shall we? We may all be a little bit limited in terms of traveling at the moment; but nothing can stop us from dreaming, right? So, let’s lean back for a minute and two, and let our imagination go wild:)

Personally, this questions is somewhat difficult for me to answer:) I have been very fortunate, thanks to my parents and my family, to have lived in five different countries so far. I’m based in the UK now. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older or tired of moving from one country to another, but I’m really having difficulty answering the above question:))) Anyway, I think I am going to go with Australia as an answer to this question. I have never been to Australia. I have the feeling that it is always beautiful, warm, and sunny in Australia. At least that’s what I see in the photos. And the country looks like it is in another dimension, maybe because it is so far from every continent:) I’ve heard some scary stories about spiders and snakes, so I think I’d be a little anxious all the time if I get to live there for a year. But then they also have those super cute kangaroos:) I’d really like to see a real kangaroo in action, jumping around and stuff:)

Please let me know how your experience was if you’ve been to Australia or if there is any website or blog you can suggest to me about the beautiful country. I’d really appreciate it:)

Now, it’s your turn:) If you had to live in another country for a year, where would that be? I look forward to your answers!

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