Productivity Hack: My Favorite Design Tool

I may not be the most creative and experienced designer out there but, I still would like to share my favorite design tool for whoever’s interested.

You’ve probably heard a lot about Adobe Illustrator, mainly because Adobe is the leader in the design world. I like Adobe Illustrator, but with all due respect, it has hundreds of confusing buttons, and unfortunately, it is very difficult to master. I mean, learning Adobe Illustrator requires a lot of time and patience. And it costs a lot of money as well. You have to pay for it every month and the last time I checked, it’s price started from £20.00 a month!

You can easily find alternative software in the market. I’ve tried one of such alternative options called Vectornator. It’s free and has a lot of functionalities. The company also provides brief tutorials on its website. However, for an absolute beginner like myself, Vectornator did not really help me improve.

I continued my research to find the perfect design tool mainly because I really wanted to get into the UX design industry. And finally, I found Affinity Designer. I first started with Affinity Designer’s trial period. You get ten days to try it for free. The company provides several tutorials on its website and they are really very easy to understand. I can confidently say that I mastered my designing skills a lot by simply following Affinity Designer’s online tutorials. And I finally purchased the software. It costs less than £50.00 and it’s a one time only payment, which is pretty amazing. To develop your skills even further, you can buy its workbook, which is around £40.00. Alternatively, you can check out this wonderful YouTube tutorial on how to use Affinity Designer.

Which designer tools are you currently using? Please share your comments below:)

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