How To Boost Your Confidence Before Job Interviews

Get your shot of confidence before your job interview!!!

The dreadful job interviews…I’ve done maybe hundreds and I still dislike each and every one of them, especially the group interviews! But, we need jobs to make a living and unfortunately, we still have to go through these stressful interview processes every once in a while. So, we might as well have a checklist ready before the next one:)

You can find a lot of useful resources on how to prepare for a job interview on the Internet. There are a lot of great YouTube videos as well. I know you already know it, but I feel the need to repeat it here. Preparation before an interview is crucial. There are a lot of qualified people out there and just a handful of jobs. A lot of people are competing against a small number of trophies. You need to stand out from the crowd.

I am not going to focus on how to ace your interview simply because I don’t believe I’m an expert when it comes to interviews. I strongly believe in one thing though: you definitely need to have a positive mindset before you walk into your interview. Can I stress the words definitely and positive, please:)

Workplaces are already stressful and boring places and the companies are not necessarily looking for unhappy people to work for them. That’s the reason why you need to walk into your interview with a positive mindset to show that you are a joy to work with! And there are a few tricks you can do five minutes before your interview that may increase your happiness hormones and get you in the right mood:

  1. Music: Not any type of music though. You need to find the piece that makes you feel like a champion, something like “The Eye of the Tiger”. The piece needs to give you that feeling of “go get them, tiger”!
  2. Telephone call: Try to arrange a phone call beforehand with your “mentor”. You can pick your “mentor” from among your best friends or family members. Just make sure the person is encouraging and can get you in a positive mood.
  3. Meditation: It might be difficult to get into a calm state with all that interview adrenaline running through your veins but at least taking a few long, deep and mindful breaths will help you focus better during the interview.

Above are the tricks that I applied before my interviews in the past. I did not always get the job at each interview. However, I definitely walked into and got out from each one of them feeling happier and more confident about myself.

What are your job interview tricks? Please share in the comment box below:)

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