Music For Productivity: Agree or Disagree?

Music is food for the soul!

Other than the discussions regarding the air conditioner in the open offices, I think music is the next most debated topic. Should the workplaces have music on or off? Does it help or hinder productivity? Can it be put forward as the new well-being policy at the companies?

The thing is, no one has definite answers to any of the above questions. Music is definitely beautiful. Everyone loves listening to a good piece to relax, to get extra motivation, or to even doze off to sleep. But just like it’s the case with the air conditioner, making every employee happy with the DJ’s daily choice of music is very very difficult.

Current research cannot give us a clear direction either. Some say that, yes, music definitely increases productivity, but it depends on the type of music you are listening to. I find it difficult to concentrate when I’m listening to a new song with lyrics for the first time. Because the lyrics are totally new to me, my brain automatically focuses on deciphering what’s being said in the song. And eventually, I cannot get my work done! I can work pretty well with just instrumental music though. How about you?

I guess we will never find the perfect solution to this dilemma. Can you come up with any creative ideas?

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