How To Get Rid Of Headaches

You deserve to feel better.

Headaches do not give a warning before they hit you, and unfortunately, they tend to happen more frequently when you are stressed. I am not a big fan of medicines as the first option, and over time I discovered simple techniques that really helped me get rid of those distasteful headaches:

  1. Taking a warm shower: I’m guessing this has to do with relaxing the muscles on your neck and shoulders. If you think about it, a great majority of headaches are caused by unnecessary tension in the neck and shoulder area.
  2. Meditating: Calming your mind and relaxing your body with mindful breathing really work wonders.
  3. Using an “eye pillow”: Eye pillows are simply fantastic. I bought one from a fantastic Yoga Shop in Stroud. They may be made of sand or small beads. Some of them have a nice lavender smell to them as well. You should place the eye pillow –you guessed it right — on your eyes and let the pillow do a gentle massage in the eye area with its negligible weight. This is especially good for people who suffer from migraines as the eye pillow can provide total darkness even in the most sunlit room. You need to lay down though:)
  4. Doing gentle exercises: Yoga, Taichi, Qigong, or simple stretches may help a good deal. The goal here is, again, relaxing your muscles.
  5. Using brain entrainment: Listening to binaural beats may help too. I’ve tried this only once with positive results and I’ve seen it mentioned in many places as well.

You deserve to feel better, always. Take good care of yourself.

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