Ideas For The Lockdown: Creating Cozy Spaces

As new lockdowns are starting in almost every part of the world whether we want it or not (the UK is about to enter its second lockdown on 5th November). So it’s not a bad idea to search for creative ideas for spending quality time indoors. I’ve decided to create a cozy corner for myself today and I came up with the below setup:

Create cosy spaces in your house/apartment.

Yeap, this will be my cozy space during the lockdown. I’ve intentionally chosen the space next to the heater, so I can curl up on the bean bag and feel like a cat:) There is enough space for me to place everything I may need nearby. You can see that I keep my daily to-dos journal, an easy-going novel, and headphones next to me. Ideal for when I don’t want to get up too often.

I really love that orange bean bag you see in the photo. I’ve got it from IKEA years ago. You can even turn it into a small bed to take a decent nap! (You will definitely need a blanket, too. It is a very essential item:) ) I strongly recommend getting a bean bag if you don’t have one yet. They are pretty comfortable, they tend to fit everywhere and they make a great tool for pillow fights:) Do not forget to get a lazy breakfast table too. It’s a great support for laptops.

The upcoming winter seems like it’s going to be a long and tough one. Our only option is to stay indoors. And it is up to us to stay positive, so nothing is stopping you from coming up with creative ideas. A lot of people, especially those working in the health sector, are doing huge sacrifices. They work around the clock, some of them don’t even have the chance to see their families in the evenings. I believe we have a responsibility towards the health workers and the community in general. And the simplest thing we can do is staying indoors as much as possible to prevent the spread of the covid-19. We can do this!

Do you have any creative ideas for the upcoming lockdown? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below:) and stay safe!

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