Productivity Hack: Daily To-Dos Journal

I carry this journal with me at all times!!!

I found this beautiful Daily To-Dos Journal (from Bright Day Calendars) on Amazon and it is simply amazing! To start with, it comes with blank date sections, so even if you skip a day or two, you its pages do not go wasted.

As you can see in the photo above, you can circle the day of the week and write the date right next to it. I fill out the I Am Grateful For section first thing in the morning, right away. I focus on writing at least three things I am grateful for, so this section often overflows into Pick Up Today. It’s not a huge issue though, because usually, I do not have any items that need to be picked up during the day. Especially during this pandemic…

The H2O section is really cool too, and since I’ve started using this journal, I’ve noticed that I mark out at least six sections out of eight. Tea and coffee are excluded. That’s pretty good for me.

To Do Today section occupies the biggest part. Usually, I set three must-do daily goals for myself at the top, and three not so important daily goals right underneath the must-dos. That still leaves a lot of space under the To-Do Today section. I take advantage of this section by writing down extra big and small things that I accomplished during the day. For example, let’s say I found time to clean the oven even if it was not written on the To-Do-Today. I write it down as an extra accomplishment. Remember, when it comes to boosting your dopamine levels, every little counts. Write everything down!

Having the Fitness section right in front of your eyes motivates you a lot as well since it’s one of those sections that you do not want to leave empty at the end of the day. You did ten minutes of Yoga in the morning? Write it down. Been to the supermarket on foot instead of by car? Write it down. Cleaned the house top to bottom? Write it down. Remember the dopamine talk again, every little counts.

I carry this journal with me all the time. It is very light and I really like the cover design; it makes me happy every time I look at it.

What’s your favorite daily journal like? What productivity hacks do you use? Please share it in the comments below:)

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