Ways To Be Creative With Your Nails:)

Having great nails feels just amazing. The hands look even more attractive when there is a combination of great nails and rings. And we are very lucky to have different options at our disposal when it comes to nail art.

I am using clip-on nails with extra glue in this photo. They lasted only two days:)

First, there’s the traditional nail polish. Putting on flawless nail polish looks simple. That idea is far from the truth. It requires a combination of precision, gentle brush strokes, and of course, high-quality nail polish. Unfortunately, it is also difficult to find a nail polish that lasts forever and the natural nails always tend to chip off if you are not careful about them. So, although this option may seem cheap, you may end up spending more time and money on your nails because of the high maintenance required.

The second option is acrylics. They tend to be very strong and last for a very long time as well. I would definitely suggest you use acrylics if you wish to have significantly longer nails when your natural nails tend to break off often. Nail salons have a variety of colors for these types of artificial nails so you can get as creative as you want. Acrylics can also maintain a small amount of decoration on top of the polish really well. One downside is, it is very difficult to get these off by yourself, so you will need to visit your nail salon pretty often.

Another option is the gel. There are different brands when it comes to gel, and it is difficult to tell which one is the best. In my experience, some gels tend to break very easily and it makes you wonder what’s the difference between keeping your natural nails and having the gel instead:) Some brands are really strong and last for a long time. It is also relatively easy to get rid of the gel by yourself. You can find different types of removal kits at cosmetic stores. And if you prefer to go to the nail salon frequently, renewing and changing the color of gel does not really take a long time, so this option is a win-win.

And finally, you can buy clip-on nails from cosmetic stores. Their prices tend to be more than regular nail polish but definitely far less than acrylics or gel. Clip-on nails come in two shapes. Some already have glue on them (we can call them sticky clip-ons), so all you need to do is to put the sticky clip-ons one by one on your nails and give a good squeeze to make the clip-ons stick really well. The other type comes with a separate glue. After putting a little bit of glue on each clip-on nail, you need to carefully place and squeeze them onto your nails. This second option tends to get messy very quickly but they definitely last longer compared to the sticky clip-ons.

I prefer using clip-on nails with extra glue support because they are affordable, they come in various colors and designs, and it’s very easy to take them off when I get bored with them. And the most important thing is the nails do not get damaged. It’s easy to clean the remaining glue on your nails simply by filing your nails. Now and then I lose a clip-on or two in the most inappropriate places but hey, no one is perfect, right? 🙂

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