Can Drinking Celery Juice Every Day Make You Immortal?

First of all, it may totally have the opposite effect if you are allergic to it because celery allergy is one of the main allergies, isn’t it? You can always see the celery allergen advice on the packages. But if you are ok with celery and if you have an efficient slow juicer, please give it a try. And no, sorry, it will not make you immortal.

Don’t forget to eat your veggies!

You can read about all the hype regarding the benefits of celery juice on hundreds of websites. Celebrities, nutritionists, health advocates all agree: celery juice is good for you. And who can disagree? As far as I know, all vegetables have different types of benefits for the human body. Carrot juice is full of Vitamin A and helps with a healthy suntan. Parsley juice is a good source of iron. So why should the humble celery juice be left behind?

And I’m a fan of drinking celery juice first thing in the morning as well. I do not have any scientific proof like blood tests or such to say that it lowered my cholesterol or made me look ten years younger but it’s a daily habit of mine that I enjoy. There is one thing I don’t enjoy about the celery juice though. I dislike cleaning the juicer every day.

Celery juice is delicious. And you will need lots of it if you want to get a decent full glass but it’s worth the effort. One downside is that the plant has lots of fiber. And cleaning that fiber of the juicer is a joy killer. The cleaning process by itself can easily be one of the reasons why many people might stop drinking any type of juice. It really is discouraging. So below are two simple steps you can follow to make this habit less stressful:

  1. Prepare the juicer and wash your celery sticks before you go to bed: Most of the slow juicers are made of multiple parts. It’s better to prepare the juicer before you go to sleep so that when you when up the next morning, the juicer will be waiting ready for you to juice. All you will need to do in the morning is to insert the already washed celery sticks one by one. Oh, what a joy!
  2. Avoid cleaning the juicer right away: Well, who knows. Maybe someone else in the household will be kind enough to clean it for you :)))) Well, fighting to get the fibers off the juicer is not the nicest thing to do in the early morning. Because if you start your day already frustrated with the juicer, you may need to spend extra effort to come back to your optimist mood. You can easily leave the cleaning process to the evening. If you’re worried that the plant will dry and it would be more difficult to clean it, you can always take a bowl filled with water and leave the parts of the juicer to soak. And when you come back home in the evening, it will still be easy to clean the juicer.

Enjoy your celery juice and please don’t forget to eat your veggies:)

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