You are enough.

Perfection is just an illusion, and you can achieve more by acknowledging your imperfections.

Proud of my imperfect artwork:)

It’s time to stop chasing perfectionism, don’t you think? It’s going to sound a bit discouraging but, you will never be perfect because nothing ever is… If you don’t believe me, take a look around you.

Do you see a perfect tree? Do you see a perfect leaf? Do you see a perfect flower? Everything around you is by definition perfectly imperfect. So why do you feel like you have to be perfect?

This infatuation with perfectionism is one of the biggest blocks that a person can impose on himself/herself. Search your memories to see if you’ve ever stopped any task midway just because you thought it was not going to turn up perfect? Maybe you started a beautiful painting, but you gave it up halfway through thinking that your skills were not up to the standards of the perfectionist within. Or, maybe you decided to write a novel but continued to rip off every page you wrote, thinking what you’d written was crap. You’d like to hear more examples? I hope not šŸ™‚

The next time the perfectionist in you starts talking, just tell her that “an imperfect finished work is better than any work left halfway through!” That should do the trick šŸ™‚

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