Your life is a summary of your habits

Our lives are governed by what we repeatedly do everyday.

Do you keep circling around, too?

Wouldn’t you agree? We all are what we repeatedly do over and over again.

If the majority of our lives is defined by what we repeatedly do every day, it’s very important to keep repeating healthy and useful habits to achieve success in life. But habits are difficult to build and maintain, aren’t they? Check out what Forbes has to say to see what you can do to build good habits?

Also, another belief about forming new habits is to do it at least 21 days consecutively. It’s more or less the same amount of time your cells renew themselves, therefore it’s thought that 21 days would help you make a new habit. If you’d like to take things to the next level, you might want to tune in the beginning of a new habit with the correct phase of the moon. According to some astrologers, it’s easier to maintain a new habit that you start when it’s new moon or when the moon is waxing.

So, what new habit would you like to work on?

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