Oh, that gut feeling…

Gut talk šŸ™‚

Those butterflies…oh wait, is it the whole damn zoo right now?

Most of the time, we associate that gut feeling with fear, especially if we realize that we are about to leave our comfort zone.

Maybe you’ve felt it the last time you attended that weird networking event that your friend had suggested. Remember the one where everyone dressed up as a cartoon character. And you kept on pulling down your costume because you’ve never been to such an event before, and you didn’t know anyone there, and you felt like you did not fit in.

Or do you remember that feeling you had when you received a very good job offer in another city but a voice kept telling you, “You don’t have to go, you are so very comfortable here”?

Well, life gives us options, and luckily it’s up to us to pick one. Most of the time, there are two options, really. One that will keep you in your comfort zone and another one that will push you out of it. So, the next time you feel that buzz in your stomach, think twice to see if what you’re really trying to do is to resist change and personal development. Because remember, personal development exists only outside of your comfort zone.

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