Forgive and let go…

Easier said than done. But hey, what if I tell you that the act of forgiving will benefit yourself?

Liberate yourself

Start by forgiving yourself first. Remember, everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. Stop judging yourself for the embarrassing thing you’ve done ten years ago. There’s no way you can go back in time and redo what you’d done. Most probably, you had done the best you could anyways. So, the next time that embarrassing memory starts creeping into your mind, take a breath and say “I forgive myself”.

After you’ve worked on forgiving yourself, start forgiving the people around you. Forgive the driver who cut in front of you or honked at you. Forgive the waiter who spilled wine on your favorite shirt. Forgive your ex who stood you up. Forgive the teacher who gave you an “A” instead of an “A+”. Forgive the instructor who failed you at your driving test. These are things that happen to billions of people around the world every day. Life jokes around with everyone, not just you.

Forgive and let go…You will feel much lighter.

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