Give yourself 5 stars !!!!!

You did a great job today!

No matter what may have happened today, you deserve a pat on your shoulder. You did the best you could have done with the best information you had at the moment. All is well.

It’s time for you to be kind to yourself. You’ve made it to this moment! And you still have a lot of time ahead of you. So why don’t you just slow down, take a deep breath and tell yourself — either silently or at the top of your lungs — “I’ve done a great job, I’m doing a great job and I am proud of myself”. You have to say these words to yourself instead of waiting to hear it from others.

Remember, others may say similar encouraging words once or twice, but you’ve got the privilege of repeating these as many times as you like. Try to repeat “I am proud of myself” for just a minute and see how good you’ll feel.

To see the benefits of self-compassion, make it a daily habit!

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